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Somerset County Serving Bridgewater, Basking Ridge, Warren and Hillsborough

Backup Adult Care

The team at Homewatch CareGivers of Somerset County is proud to offer backup care for adults of all ages - from prenatal care to senior care. Our caregivers are equipped to promote independence while assisting clients with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, healthy meals, and more. Too many of us don’t know where to turn when a loved one needs assistance and we are unprepared, whether this is due to a last minute change in condition, schedule or if the regular care plan falls through.

If a doctor’s order limits activities or requires you or a loved one to be on bedrest, our caregivers can help manage the day-to-day tasks around the home, assist with activities of daily living, and plan and prepare healthy meals. The same flexible home care service you’ve grown to trust in senior care is available for those in Bridgewater dealing with any type of health care or life situation.

If you have health problems develop during a pregnancy that make it high-risk you may require some additional assistance in the home. If a doctor’s order limits activities or requires the client to be on bed-rest, our caregivers can help manage the day-to-day tasks around the home, assist with activities of daily living, plan and prepare healthy meals.
Complications can arise after the birth of a child, and there is a chance that everyone will be tired and in need of extra help at home in those first few days. Homewatch CareGivers can assist with light housekeeping, laundry, healthy meal planning as well as more personal care assistance for you and the new addition to your family. We can help you get the rest you will need to recover for as little or as long as needed to get you on your feet again during this postpartum period.
Life happens. Our senior respite care specialists provide much needed assistance to your loved one when you can’t be there. We help with personal care issues, like grooming and bathing, to daily living activities, like housekeeping and errands. We provide transportation when they need to get to an appointment and you can’t get them there. We create our senior-care plans by working with you – our plans are flexible and can change from time to time depending on your loved ones needs. Senior respite care is about our ability to step in with a highly trained caregiver to help out when you need it.
When the whole family plans to attend a special event out of town, consider caregiving services to help out a family member who might need more attention. We will focus on the details needed to provide quality care so that the family can focus on the details of a quality memory in the making. Whether going out for lunch, attending a play, coffee with an old friend, or attending a granddaughter's wedding or a grandson's Bar Mitzvah, our flexible home care services will keep you safely engaged in the lifestyle you choose to lead.