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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “I give my highest recommendation possible! I live in Colorado and my Mom is in Evanston. The feeling of not being available to care for my Mom myself has only been alleviated because of the wonderful experience I have working with Homewatch. Leslie, Betty, Brenda, and Stacy are my main contacts and are always willing to do anything possible to accommodate our needs. All staff I have worked with are great and professional. Someone always answers 24/7. This is our first experience with any caregiving. My Mom has a fractured back and has different needs, such as help around the house, personal care, and accompaniment to doctor's appointments in the city. Our needs for scheduling have had some changes throughout our experience and the communication and teamwork of Homewatch have been able to accommodate us every time. The kindness and caring for my Mom from the staff comes through even though I am miles away. Our caregivers, Josephine, Susie, Providencia, and Gigi are AMAZING!!! We feel so fortunate to have such qualified, capable, caring, kind, and compassionate women throughout this difficult change in our lives. All of our caregivers are responsible, diligent, and have always been on time. My Mom is everything to me and I am so lucky to have found these wonderful people to care for someone so precious to me!”
    - Lisa P
  • “This is a quick note to inform you that Anita has made a remarkable recovery following her 4 plus month stay at XXXXXXX and XXXXXX rehab hospitals. The latter hospital provided that the wife WILL NOT survive. We gloatingly, upset the Morbid predictor after she returned home, with the assistance of her internist and the excellent care provided by each and everyone of your staff that tended her needs 24 hours a day for those several months. Sincerely,”
    - Frederick
  • “I have worked for Homewatch for over 5 years! Only good things to say about them:)”
    - Karolina S
  • “I have worked for Homewatch CareGivers as a caregiver for almost 2 years. I have nothing bad to say about this company, as they are willing to work with you and are VERY reasonable when there is something to be dealt with or changed. I highly recommend this company if you have the heart and passion to work in this field!”
    - Chazzy L
  • “I am writing this unsolicited letter of reference for our Homewatch Caregiver Betty H because she quite simply has been amazing in her care for my mother. I immediately felt a strong connection with her during the interview, but I had no idea what life changing impact she would have on my mom and family. Betty is a person who exudes love and compassion in all she does.Whether it's engaging in conversation, the way she encourages and motivates or just the way she looks at you, you know she cares.”
    - Peter W.
  • “Tamika has been a care-giver for my mother,Yolanda, since 2011. Over the years, my mom's desire for self-sufficiency has remained constant, but her health has declined, and with that, her ability to maintain full self-sufficiency. Through these changes Tamika has been a constant and extremely reliable presence in my mom's life. Tamika has been consistent in showing up, doing the tasks my mom requests of her, and providing companionship. She has listened and responded to my moms's needs and wishes.”
    - Christine F.
  • “F.Y.I Just a note to tell you how wonderful my mothers caregivers are. Jill+Dedri are the best we couldn't have asked for better! My mother has never complained about them nor had a bad word to say about them. I second that opinion! They are now part of our family!”
    - Katherine S.
  • “If she is described as a Care Giver, she certainly fits the description. She is the most caring person and is always helpful to me in a thousand ways. If I were to give you a rating of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I would vote for 10.”
    - Millicent P.
  • “We have had the pleasure of doing business with Homewatch Caregivers for 3 years. We have always had good service. Our care giver has become like one of the family. Never have we been left in the lurch because of one of their employees. They have been prompt and when the unusual time should occur when he cannot be at work we have been advised in a more than timely manor and asked if we need a replacement which will show up as quickly as possible.”
    - Karen M.