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24-Hour Home Care Services

Serving the Communities of Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key, and Lakewood Ranch

At Homewatch CareGivers, we provide 24-hour in-home care plans customized for your family member's needs. If age or long-term health issues call for more help, our teams in Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key and Lakewood Ranch are always ready to step in.

With our 24-hour home care, your family members always have someone by their side. Our main aim is to offer needed help right at home, so your loved ones feel safe and comfortable. This means families can relax, knowing there's always an expert around.

Understanding 24-Hour In-Home Care

So, what is 24-hour in-home care? It's peace of mind that is given to the family all day and night, knowing that their loved one is being constantly cared for at home. Our registered nurse will first assess the needs of your loved one and work with you to develop the most beneficial plan moving forward. We then will find the right caregivers that will best fit the needs and personality of the person needing home care.

Our 24-hour in-home caregivers can provide a range of services, including: 

  • Help with mobility inside the home
  • Help with transfers on/off the toilet, taking showers, getting dressed and personal grooming/hygiene
  • Reminders about medicines
  • Planning and preparing meals 
  • Serving as a companion that helps with social activities
  • Light cleaning and laundry
  • Transportation to medical appointments, errands, and social events

This kind of care lets your loved ones stay at home, and families have fewer worries.

Care All Day and Night

It might sound like a lot, but our team offers 24-hour in-home care every day to many families. By planning shifts of eight to twelve hours, or a live-in arrangement, there's always someone there to care for your loved ones. Families can feel good, knowing there's always a helping hand.

Indications That Your Loved One Needs 24-Hour In-Home Care

It may be time to look for 24-hour care for your loved one if you notice any of the following signs:

Increased Number of Falls or Accidents

Has your loved one fallen recently? Was someone there to help? Frequent falls or accidents can signify that 24-hour in-home care is needed. Caregivers can help your loved one get around in and out of the home and provide extra support to minimize the risk of accidents.


Incontinence and bladder control issues signify that in-home care could be beneficial. A professional caregiver can help maintain a regular bathroom schedule and assist with clean-up or changing and report any concerns to the family.


Wandering is a common symptom of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and it can be life-threatening when not monitored. A caregiver can help prepare your home to protect someone from danger if they are wandering and provide around-the-clock monitoring for a loved one.

Increased Confusion or Forgetfulness

Along with an increased chance to wander, your loved one dealing with dementia or some other issue may be exhibiting increased confusion or forgetfulness. While this can be as simple as forgetting birthdays or names, it can also include forgetting to lock the front door or shut off a faucet. A caregiver can be there 24/7 to address problems that arise from this type of forgetfulness and confusion.

Recently Diagnosed with a Serious Illness or Chronic Condition

Receiving a severe illness or chronic condition diagnosis can be overwhelming and even hard to accept. The Homewatch CareGivers team of professionals is here to oversee a comprehensive care plan.

Reliance on Assistive Equipment

Assistive equipment like hearing aids, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, and others can be a great way to help your loved one keep their independence. Increased reliance on assistive equipment may mean that more help is needed, perhaps from an at-home caregiver.

A Decline in Hygiene and Grooming

Have you noticed a decline in personal hygiene, grooming, or general cleanliness? Whether your loved one may be forgetting to do these everyday things or has a hard time completing them on their own, our caregivers are the perfect helping hand needed to ensure your loved one is taking care of themselves.

Needs Assistance Eating or Drinking

If you have noticed food or drink spills around the home, if your loved one's diet has declined, or if new medical conditions have developed, your loved one may need some additional help eating and drinking. Our team can assist in eating during mealtimes, meal planning, and cooking, making the entire process easier.

Primary Caregiver Cannot Sustain Caregiving Around the Clock

The mental health and well-being of primary caregivers can often be overlooked. While you may feel like you can handle it, the list of responsibilities will grow, and at some point, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. We can be there to help so you can just focus on being the spouse or child and not the caregiver.

Why Pick Homewatch CareGivers for Around-the-Clock Care?

When you choose us for 24-hour home care, you're choosing the best. Our caregivers are:

  • Backed by an organization with over 40 years of experience in care.
  • Using professionally developed care tools to track changes in health.
  • Always learning with at least 12 hours of training each year.
  • Visited in-person by our RN on a regular basis to ensure the plan of care is going well.
  • Always trying to be better with feedback from families.

To know more about what we offer, just get in touch with Homewatch CareGivers of Sarasota. Our team is all about giving the best care out there. 

Give us a call at (941) 214-4172. Someone is standing by to answer your questions and start building a care plan right now.


Providing the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. Our local caregivers are trained, background-checked, and insured. This is our promise to you.

About Our Caregivers
  • We conduct annual background checks on all local caregivers.

  • We provide at least 12 hours annually of employee training.

  • We perform in-person Quality Assurance visits at least every 90 days.

  • We conduct satisfaction surveys to monitor the level of care provided.

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