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Improving Quality of Life for Veterans: A Look at How Caregiving Can Help

Improving the lives of those who have served, especially our veterans, is one of the greatest things we can do. Caregivers are often the people veterans see the most, and so they have the biggest opportunity to help as well. Here are a few ways caregiving can help make the lives of veterans better.

Caregiving itself

Hiring a caregiver or becoming one as a family caregiver, in itself, improves the quality of life of veterans. Home care can help the veteran in areas they find difficult, whether it is running errands for them, helping with personal care, or anything else they may need to achieve a life as close to normal as possible.

A caregiver can help in big ways to help them keep their dignity, and help them to enjoy life as much as possible.

Help getting to medical appointments

It can be very difficult for veterans with disabilities to get to and from appointments. In a survey conducted by Melanie Mousseau, WWP’s director of metrics, 72 percent of veterans said they have difficulty climbing stairs, while two-thirds said they had difficulty with even more moderate tasks, such as housework or playing a round of golf.

Although these problems were reported, 38 percent of surveyed veterans were putting off care. Caregivers can help by helping to make these appointments, and arranging for them to get there. This makes it that much easier for veterans to get closer to the every day things they enjoyed previous to their injury, such as playing games with their friends.

Help with housework

Disabilities can make housework even more difficult than it already is. By taking on house care, you may be able to help free up energy for them to do things they find more enjoyable, which is always a relief.

Often times veterans may not be able to finish cleaning, leaving their home in poor condition, or are so exhausted from the effort that they don't have any time for the things they enjoy. Caregiving can be a bridge to help them have a clean home and the energy to enjoy it as well.

Helps with independence

Many veterans are young and once able bodied. The loss of their ability to live life as they once knew it can be a serious sense of strain. Caregiving can help give them a sense of independence once again. It can be a real peace of mind for family and veteran alike, knowing that the person who once served the country is now getting the service they need for a comfortable and normal life.

There are many ways that caregiving can benefit veterans, and directly lead to an improvement in quality of life. If you have a loved one who was disabled while in the service, or are a veteran looking at ways to help improve your life, there are a lot of options available. The VA has many programs specifically designed to help provide caregivers, or to support family caregivers, so these services can be achieved by as many veterans as possible.

For more information on how Homewatch CareGivers of Annapolis can help with any or all of these tasks, please reach out to us today. We enjoy caring for our veterans and giving them the care and support they so deserve.

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