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Activity Ideas To Do With Seniors Over the Holidays

Children playing toys with their aging loved one and parent

Holidays can be a difficult time for seniors. It may remind them that a special someone is no longer with them, or that they can’t do all the things that they used to like holidays in the past. It can be helpful to help your loved one enjoy the holidays more by providing them with activities to fill the time and help give them a sense of joy. Here are a few ideas for family caregivers to enjoy with their aging loved one.

Spend time with them

Although it might not sound like an activity, just listening to your loved one chat over a cup of coffee can be a rich and meaningful holiday activity. Take the time to sit down with them for twenty minutes and just listen to what they have to say—stories of past holidays, favorite memories, and what ever else crosses their mind. You can get this going by asking questions about the past and things that they used to love about this time of year.

View a Christmas light display

Even if your loved one finds it more difficult to walk around, it takes less strength to sit in a car and look out the window as beautiful displays roll by. Everyone can participate, from the youngest to the oldest, and it’s an equally fun opportunity for everyone.

Family movie night

Snuggling under blankets, sharing popcorn and drinks, and watching your favorite selection of holiday classics can be a wonderful way to build memories and spend quality time with seniors. This is a great choice because it allows them to both rest and also feel included.

Write and send out holiday cards

Help your senior loved one send out holiday cards to friends and family. If they struggle with writing, you can do the writing for them. This can be a fun group activity as well, introducing young children to the idea of sending and receiving cards, reminding adults of forgotten family members they haven’t connected with in ages, and giving seniors a fun activity.

Play card games or board games

Another fun activity, especially when family is there, is to play card games or board games. Games that are easy to understand, such as Snap, Rummy, or Crazy Eights are simple to remember even if a senior has memory problems, and will be fun to play for everyone.

Board games can include things like Monopoly, Chess, or Yahtzee. These games may already be familiar to seniors. Playing games can be a great way to build memories and spend time with your loved ones, and can even help maintain their mental abilities.

The holidays are a great time to build memories with your senior loved one. There are plenty of things you can do that are easy even for those with cognitive or mobility issues that will still be enjoyable for the whole family.

If you are hoping to spend the holiday building as many memories as you can, you may want to consider hiring a caregiver during this time so you can focus mainly on them. A caregiver can help by taking care of basic household tasks such as meal prep, house cleaning, or errands so that you are free to spend more time on activities your loved one enjoys.

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