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Expressing Our Gratitude for Social Workers

We want to say thank you to the social workers in each of our communities that provide help for our clients and their families. March is Social Worker Appreciation Month but Homewatch CareGivers is thankful for you every day of the year.

Thank you to social workers for the work you do to coordinate and communicate with your patients. We know you don’t just look at one aspect of a person and what they may need. When you meet with someone, you’re able to see all the different pieces that need woven together. Your systemic approach ensures a person not only gets help with their medical or psychological needs, but also with their spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs.

Thank you for listening. Social workers are uniquely trained to listen and we know that focused listening is difficult. Thank you for finding out what your clients really want and providing them counsel. Thank you for respecting each person’s freedom of choice and for helping them achieve a clear understanding of the ramifications of their choices. You know that two people with the exact same condition may want vastly different things

Thank you for understanding. You take time to understand the goals of each individual and then help them understand limitations that accompany each of those goals. One individual may just want to be comfortable and accept hospice care, while the other wants to continue to fight and get treatment for as long as possible.

Thank you for coordinating with different agencies, making sure each individual gets what they want.

Thank you for prioritizing what is most important to each making it easier for everyone within the healthcare continuum to provide necessary help and services.

We appreciate your efforts to support not just patients, but their families. A social worker for a hospice organization knows their job does not end when a person passes away. The bereavement counseling you offer for months afterward helps people find the satisfaction and resolution they need when it comes to the loss of a loved one.

We know and appreciate that you are not in your profession for the money. Like caregiving, social work is a calling. You do this because you care and because you want to help others. What you do can be very difficult, especially when you give so much of yourself, despite the long hours and the emotional impact of your job. Yet, you do it without thinking. It’s part of who you are – so, once again, thank you.

Thank you for your trust in us to provide the best home care possible to the people we both help.

While March is dedicated to showing appreciation for social workers, please know that everyone at Homewatch CareGivers appreciates the role social workers play in the care community every month of the year.

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