Caregiving: The Importance of Engagement

Caregiving: The Importance of Engagement

When someone is living with dementia, their abilities change but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to still engage with others.

In this video, G. Allen Power, M.D., a world-renowned dementia care expert and author of “Dementia Beyond Drugs” and “Dementia Beyond Disease,” talks about why it’s so critical to allow people living with dementia to still have a purpose.

“People in the community can become very disengaged if we’re not careful,” Dr. Power states.

Using the examples of two women were being over cared for, Dr. Power illustrates how proper engagement in caregiving can still bring joy and create the opportunity for useful activity even after a diagnosis of dementia.

“Hopefully that extended their ability to live well,” he says of two women who did get better care after their modified behaviors were recognized.

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