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  • How The Eden Alternative is Evolving

    Homewatch CareGivers and The Eden Alternative of working together to help educate caregivers. Learn more about their new learning platforms.

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  • Making Vibrancy Part of Your Life

    It’s that time to make resolutions, plan for the future, and aim for a better and brighter life through small daily choices and habits. Add vibrancy to your list of resolutions.

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  • Connecting to Fight Loneliness

    Do you know an elder who might be lonely? Learn more about loneliness and how to help end this feeling in others.

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  • Spread the Holiday Feelings

    It’s winter and time to be reflective as well as festive, and we’ve got the social media posts for all those feelings—joy, being cozy, celebratory and more. Download these social media posts today and share with your friends and family.

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  • A New Approach to the Holidays

    The holidays are all about family and friends, but when it’s not possible to gather together in person it’s time to get creative and look at things from a different perspective. Senior care holiday tips.

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  • Is It the Flu?

    While certainly everyone needs to be on the lookout for flu symptoms during the fall and winter months, those who provide elder care and other types of caregiving need to be especially vigilant.

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