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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “We engaged the Chapel Hill Homewatch folks to help us with my father-in-law and transition him to home hospice. The head nurse and schedulers were quick-thinking, quick-acting, and personable. A couple of their service providers were wonderful, compassionate, competent caregivers; one presented my brother-in-law, who had been with his dying dad 24x7 with a sweet and unexpected birthday card that made his difficult week more bearable. And when wrinkles come up, as they will, Homewatch has been understanding, responsive, and even proactive. I recommend this family-run business without hesitation.”
    - Paul
  • “We've been very lucky to have Homewatch's help since early 2018. Homewatch staff provide skilled and loving care to my Mom, which is great not only for my Mom but also for me and my Dad. When Homewatch is on duty, we can leave the house, work, or rest—confident that Mom is safe and cared for. We trust Homewatch. Homewatch caregivers provide more than 70 hours a week of help for my Mom, so I've had a lot of time to watch how they work. I'm very happy to endorse their caregivers and their office staff, who all do their best to meet the needs of my Mom who has Parkinson's and dementia, as well as the needs of my Dad and me as we manage Mom's ever-changing care needs. One of the big challenges of eldercare is finding caregivers who are a good fit for the elder client's personality -- especially when the client has dementia. It's also a challenge because turnover in the caregiver population is very, very high. Homewatch has been committed to sending us caregivers who look like a good fit, and to changing caregivers if the fit doesn't work as hoped for. We value Homewatch's flexibility and their low-ego, "what can we do to help?" willingness to take care of our needs, and to work with me and my Dad as collaborative partners toward for my Mom's health and happiness. I am glad to endorse Homewatch as an eldercare provider, and only wish that every family who needs them could have access to their high-quality help.”
    - Phil Marsosudiro
  • “Just wanted to write a short note to let you know how much we appreciate Malissa as one of my mom's caregivers. As you know, we appreciate all of Mom's caregivers from HomeWatch, but today I wanted to shine some light on what a good job Malissa does. She is kind, thoughtful, caring, and industrious. My mom always thinks she may be bothering the caregivers with her continual trips to the bathroom. However, the other day she said to me that Malissa never - ever shows any irritation with her. She is always reassuring my mom that she's there to help her. It's never a bother. This means so much to my mother. Before Malissa, my sisters and I spent so much time at my mom's straightening up, doing laundry, and making meals. Malissa does so much to help us with the house and laundry that we can now spend a little more visiting time with my mom and not just keeping up the house. Malissa is always arrives at the house on time and very professionally dressed. She is very easy to talk to and always willing to help us. In fact, she's always asking us if there is anything more she can do...just let her know. My family and I are truly thankful that we have someone there with my mom that we can thoroughly trust. She has made all of our lives just a little bit easier. She deserves a big pat on the back. Thank you.”
    - Rob
  • “My mom suffered from a stroke almost a year ago. All the family members pitched in to help her but we still were in need of additional help. We are thankful for the wonderful caregivers from Homewatch Caregivers who have so compassionately assisted us during this time. They treat my mom, who was living totally independently before the stroke, with the utmost respect and dignity. We couldn't have gone through this most difficult time without them. Thank you Homewatch.”
    - Marsha
  • “Your service was really a Godsend to our family. At first it was companionship and grew to front line helper and advocate. You always made it so easy to seek your help and I am so deeply grateful for all these many years.”
    - Nancy
  • “The caregivers and staff at the Chapel Hill Homewatch are outstanding. The caregivers were consistently kind, engaged and competent. We very much liked all the ones who helped us. That is the most important thing. The staff at Homewatch were competent, responsive and compassionate. I heartily recommend Homewatch to you”
    - Barry Zipper
  • “I have been so fortunate to have benefited from the care and services provided by Homewatch Caregivers for the past 18 months. In difficult times, I have come to depend on my caregivers and Homewatch for their flexibility in meeting the ever-changing demands that we require since my husband suffers from a terminal neurodegenerative disease. We have always had the same person, which gives me such peace of mind. He is so loving and genuinely cares for my husband; as a result, we quickly embraced this caregiver as a family member. Recently, Homewatch has provided another person to meet our continuing needs and she too has been so compassionate. We rely on caregivers to keep our loved ones, clean, safe and fed, but my caregivers go beyond that by engaging and building a relationship with my husband and our entire family, a testament to the work ethic of Homewatch Caregivers. The office staff are always responsive and sensitive to our needs and very patient with my continuing demands.”
    - Jecelyne Gervais