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10 Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Home Care Provider

Selecting a home care provider is a huge and delicate task. Aside from making sure that your loved one will get the best care possible, you would also want to ensure your family’s safety and protection from abuse, accidents, or any form of mishap. And failing to do so may result to further emotional and physical stress.


Which is why it is important to think things through when searching for a credible and professional agency who can take care of your needs. Depending on the nature of the medical case you are dealing with, there are several things that you have to consider before introducing yourself or your loved one to in-home care.

Whenever you are looking for assistance in taking care of someone in the family, inquiring will help you narrow down your options in finding a good home care provider. But inquiry will lead you nowhere unless you get to ask the right questions.

So before you even come up with a final decision, make sure that you first get answers for the following.

  1. What is the home care provider’s background?

You have to investigate and search for information regarding the company. Learn more about the ownership and the type of license the business is using to operate. Know more about the history and see whether there had been lawsuits filed against the agency. Also, check out the services offered and learn if they offer disability services and home care packages.

Make sure that this company has permission to operate from the government, and that the services provided are recognized nationally by health institutions. Check for reviews and ratings if possible. This will give you an idea on the quality of services and the respect it receives from professional organizations.

  1. How many years have they been around?

Regarding history, never forget to ask about the company’s age. Ask whether there have been times when the in-home care provider stopped operations. This will not only give you a clear picture on the quality of service, but also an idea of their stability and longevity as a company.

  1. Do the support workers meet professional standards?

Check out whether the care workers are qualified and licensed to even provide healthcare services. Also, look for credentials and certificates showing that they have been trained to perform tasks especially for respite and aged care. Look for important documents such as educational background and see that they underwent a screening process and professional testing.

  1. Will they be supervised?

To assure that quality care is provided, some companies will schedule quality assurance calls or home visits. Though not all agencies will have such services, asking whether they offer such will indicate that the agency is taking the extra mile to make sure that the utmost service is provided by their carers.

  1. Do they have insurance and bonds?

See to it that the care assistants are insured and bonded. Know the nature of employment and ask whether they hire staff directly or simply enter into a contract with another agency. Getting details regarding this will safeguard you from incurring personal liabilities, as well as tax obligations if they are contracted.

  1. Does the company send in the same person?

Establishing good rapport and maintaining high quality of care will be difficult especially if different people are sent to your home on a weekly basis. Therefore, make sure to ask whether you get the same care worker every week or not.

  1. Are home visits conducted before commencing?

Since you want to be assured that you are getting the best home care provider, do not hesitate to ask if they can send in a representative to your house to discuss the kind of care you actually require. This will give you enough time to assess and for the representative to inspect whether they can actually meet your necessities.

  1. Is a licensed physician involved in providing care?

If you are dealing with a serious medical case and not just merely requiring help with activities of daily living, then you might as well opt for an agency that employs the services of a doctor. There are many home care providers who work with physicians in planning and arranging the care that you or your loved one would most likely need.

  1. Are there references from medical professionals and doctors?

Do not settle for just names of an institution or a hospital. Ask for actual names of physicians and healthcare experts, and see whether they will recommend this agency to you. By doing so, you will know that this company is serious with giving you quality service.

  1. Is customer satisfaction guaranteed?

Read the contract thoroughly before you even sign up with the agency. It is important to certify that the home care provider is serious when it comes to providing professional health care services. Also, confirm with the representative if there is a guarantee that you can terminate a contract if your needs, as stated in the agreement, are not legitimately met.

By asking these ten questions, you are securing your loved one and the entire family with the best provision of care from quality home care providers. You are also reassuring yourself that you are free from any liabilities and employment obligations that may take your mind off from things that are more important such as work and relationships.

Taking care of someone you love should not be painful and stressful. So make sure that you get all these answered. If you are a resident of Atlanta, then give Homewatch CareGivers a call. We will be happy to help you with any of your home care concerns, be it senior care, after-surgery care, prenatal/postnatal care, backup child and adult care services, or care for those with developmental disabilities.


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