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Dementia Care

At Homewatch CareGivers of Atlanta East, all of our caregivers providing dementia care to our clients living with the condition are trained on our accredited Homewatch CareGivers university on the specifics of memory care.

We have a one client, with a dementia diagnosis, that we’ve cared for for over 3 years. We know they need a special kind of caregiver, one with a lot of patience and compassion, trained in redirection of behaviors. We strive to provide appropriate activities to help keep her engaged and keep her involved in her care as much as possible. We want to promote her independence throughout all of our daily interactions. Our client is really fond of doing puzzles and our caregivers have learned about the ebb and flow of her energy and attention, and they save their activities for the time when they know she will get the most enjoyment from them.

Let Our Family of Caregivers Support Yours

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The Atlanta East Home Care team builds a dementia care plan that is individually customized for each family and based on a specific person’s level of dementia and social history. Each in-home caregiver certified in Atlanta East Homewatch CareGivers’ Pathways to Memory program is specially trained to redirect challenging behaviors, such as mood swings, anxiety or depression, and to incorporate meaningful activities into a daily routine. A Pathways to Memory caregiver helps with many daily-living activities, including bathing, dressing, personal grooming, housekeeping, transportation, and preparing healthy meals. Pathways to Memory supports the entire family, getting them involved as well as providing them with tips and skills to be a coping solution as your loved one’s needs change.

Atlanta East Homewatch CareGivers uses a positive, failure-free approach which creates a calm and supportive environment to bolster your loved one’s self-esteem when they are most vulnerable. Pathways to Memory features one-on-one interaction and attention – key to providing appropriate care for someone living with memory impairment. Pathways to Memory is specialized, unique dementia care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that keeps them safe and improves the quality of life for everyone involved. Each Atlanta East Dementia Care caregiver trained in Pathways to Memory goes through professionally-developed, ongoing dementia-specific courses and cultivate skills through supplemental hands-on experience. Learn More.