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October- A Clients Story

a photo of Linda and Caregivers

Linda is a most beloved teacher in the Highland Park school district. She has her master’s degree in Speech and Drama and worked with students for almost fifty years in the Fine Arts program. They affectionately call her “Mama Drama.” Linda possesses two wonderful attributes: a passion for the arts, and an ability to communicate with young people in a lasting and inspirational way. She has touched the lives of so many students whom she holds dear to her heart. However, nothing compares to the love and pride she feels for her grandchildren. Homewatch has been providing care for her since June 2020. Our caregivers assist Linda in getting up in the morning, dressed, and ready the day. They assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, and medication reminders. Linda has two caregivers that come on a consistent rotating schedule each week. Linda has Long Term Care Insurance, that we file for her each week so that she does not need to deal with any paperwork.

  1. Why do like Homewatch?

Response: “I love that they take care of the things I need done.”

  1. How has Homewatch been helpful to you?

Response: “The caregivers are attentive and trustworthy. The office is responsive. A person actually answers the phone when I call, and they are always helpful.”

  1. We know you have used other caregiving companies in the past. Is there something that stands out when comparing Homewatch to other companies?

Response: “The caregivers are encouraging, and not pushy. The quality of personnel is much higher at Homewatch. They are well trained, and they provide stability.”

  1. Would you please share a favorite memory you have with your caregiver?

Response: “I was hosting a luncheon with friends and was planning on ordering in our food. Our caregiver offered to make lunch for everyone. She made a delicious Chinese meal. Everyone raved about it!”

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Response: “Our caregivers are part of our family. When my grandkids come over the caregivers give them big hugs. I am glad they are here with me.”

We are thankful to provide the care that Linda needs. We look forward to helping her stay healthy and safe living at home for many years to come

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