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Beachwood Shaker Hts, Lyndhurst, Gates Mills and Cuyahoga County

Caregiving is hard work, no doubt about it. At Homewatch CareGivers in Beachwood we continually let our caregivers know how much we appreciate what they do with paid time off, financial bonuses, recognizing a Caregiver of the Month and Caregiver of the Year, gift cards, and more.

Always Caring​

Beachwood caregiver Doris 2

Meet one of our outstanding caregivers who is making an impact in the lives of our clients.

Doris Smith-Ellerb is a rockstar in our office! She has been named Caregiver of the Year in part because she is so compassionate and reliable. These qualities are recognized by the families of the clients she works with too, not just us. 

Felicia Mallett is the epitome of a professional caregiver and it shows in everything she does. We named her our Caregiver of the Month in December 2016 and no doubt she will win more awards with her dedication and positive attitude. 

Beachwood caregiver

Ameena Salters’ caring comes straight from her heart. She usually works in the day, but when one of her clients was discharged from the hospital at night, Ameena dropped what she was doing to help her out.

“She [the client] was anxious and scared to go home, and she hadn’t had a shower for several days,” Ameena recalls. “I helped her shower and stayed all night until she felt at ease again.”

Making Connections

So much of what we do is about matching up the right people. Owner Eric Malkin met with a family who were looking for care for their 96-year old matriarch. She was living along and resistant to any help. The daughter needed peace of mind that her Mom was okay when family couldn’t be with her. Complicating matters, the mother’s primary language was German. When a German-speaking caregiver was introduced, it changed the entire dynamic! Marie has worked with the client for over a year now and everyone is happy.