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Protect & Prevent: It Starts at Home

Protect & Prevent: It Starts at Home Blog Image

Homewatch CareGiver’s Northshore, alongside the Home Care Association of America, understands the gravity of the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that caregivers are essential in keeping the most susceptible safe. Because our senior clients are at a higher risk of complications, experts say that it is imperative that they stay at home in a low-risk environment. Our caregivers are needed to continue supporting clients’ well-being during this time.

In order to Protect and Prevent, we must:

  1. Wash hands frequently
  2. Disinfect surfaces routinely
  3. Check clients for fever/symptoms daily
  4. Maintain a safe distance always
  5. Check-in regularly

Visit us for more information on how we are continuing to provide are to seniors with our coronavirus prepared caregivers.

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