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Signs Your Loved Ones May Need Additional Help

Visiting your loved ones this holiday season? It may feel like you are snooping, but since you have their best interest in mind, don’t feel guilty! Look for these warning signs that they may need some additional help at home.

  1. Check their medications – are they expired or do they need a refill? Do they have prescriptions that have not been filled?
  2. Check the wash – is dirty laundry piling up? Are the bed sheets in need of changing?
  3. Check the fridge/freezer/pantry – has the food expired? Are they eating healthy?
  4. Check inbox/desk/office – do you find unpaid bills, late payment notices or traffic tickets?

If you feel your loved one is struggling in any of these areas, it could be an indication that they need help to continue living independently. You may also want to suggest a visit to their health care provider to rule out any medical conditions that might be preventing them from living a full, quality life.

If you would like more detailed help looking for the warning signs download the complete guide to learn more!

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