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Recent Posts in 2020

  • Part 4 - Defining the Big Picture

    In previous weeks of this 5 part blog series we have discussed the careful timing of when to approach this conversation with your loved one, avoiding or handling a defensive dialog, and some practical questions/topics to consider. This week we focus on our ultimate goal with the discussion.

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  • Part 3 - Some Practical Considerations

    We are in part three of a five part series with the goal of providing guidance to anyone considering or preparing for a discussion with a loved one about their future care -- understanding their wishes and carrying them out. This week we look at some practical tips for the having and starting the conversation.

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  • Part 2 - What If They Get Defensive?

    Last week, we discussed the timeliness and care that should be taken when engaging in this discussion with your loved one. This week we'll look at techniques to put your loved one at-ease and not defensive.

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  • Part 1 - A Careful, Timely Approach

    The ideal time to talk with your loved one about future possibilities is before they show signs of needing extra help. Discussion tends to flow more freely, because participants view it as hypothetical and are less likely to feel criticized.

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  • The Importance of Legal and Care Arrangements

    Your aging parent’s health can fail at a moment’s notice due to a fall or other unexpected event. Here is a simple guide to some of the documents you will want to create or review so you can be prepared for the unexpected. Be sure you know where to locate these documents!

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  • How to Discuss Finances With Your Parents

    Despite uncomfortable feelings, the sooner you start talking with your parents about their financial situation and understanding their wishes the easier it will make things in case it's too late. Read about ways in which you can talk about finances with your parents today.

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