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How to Appreciate Your Family Caregiver During the Holiday Season

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Does mom spend the majority of her time caring for dad? Perhaps you have a sibling who lives closest to the loved one in your life, and the majority of caregiving falls on them? When it comes to the holiday season, one of the questions we often get is how to celebrate the caregivers in our lives who sacrifice their time, health, and finances to help those we love so much. We have a few ideas, and hopefully this can help you find a way to show your appreciation with as much love as you feel.

When it comes to holiday gifts for family caregivers, our goal is to always show them how much we value them, which often means reminding them that they are supported in their caregiving role. So our guide is designed around that idea – support. Check out the following ideas to learn more!

Give the Gift of Cleanliness!

The family caregiver in your life probably has prescriptions, groceries, meals, medical care, appointments, errands, and so much more to take care of. When they do so much, it is easy to not have enough time to vacuum as often as they would like, or sweep, or do laundry. These tasks often get pushed to the bottom of a list, but the reality is that a clean house is easier to relax in!

Give the gift of cleanliness this holiday season and hire a cleaning service to come out each week to take care of some of those tasks. Another idea is to give a gift card for a home-care service that provides light housework and cooking! Relieving some of the cleaning pressure can go such a long way!


Another task that often falls to the bottom of a caregiver’s list is the maintenance that occurs to their loved one’s home. Whether that includes mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky faucet, or removing the leaves from the gutter, there are many maintenance related chores that always seem to need to be done.

If you’re handy with a hammer – schedule a time each month to come over and take care of those items. If you aren’t excited about ladders and leaky faucets, you can hire a handyman service to come over every couple of months to help with everything from replacing lightbulbs, replacing batteries, and fixing that loose stair banister.

The Pursuit of Happiness!

What is the one thing that family caregivers don’t have time for? Themselves. This means that they often have to set aside their hobbies, and they end up immersing themselves in the lives of their loved one that they end up losing touch with their pursuit of happiness! So, if your family caregiver deserves some time to go wine tasting, or paint, or take a cooking class, then you can give them that!

Not only can you gift them the event or class, but you can also make sure that they participate by purchasing a gift card that pays for a day of in-home care so that they can feel free to leave and enjoy their hobby! Respite care is great for this, because it can be scheduled just a few hours a week or month so that the caregiver in your life has time to take care of themselves too.

Writing, Journaling, and Biographies…

Does your loved one have an amazing history? When you think about all of the things that they’ve lived through, surely their story deserves to be told? It can be easy for a family caregiver to get so caught up in all of the chores and tasks that they forget to enjoy time with their loved one. Give the gift of a well told story by purchasing a service that walks you through how to write memoirs, biographies, and more.

If the family caregiver in your life enjoys writing, perhaps a beautiful, customized journal would be a great gift for them. Journaling has been shown to reduce stress and be inspiring. Make sure that they have time to enjoy their gift by combining it with respite care or in-home help so that they feel free to take the time to really enjoy their gift.

Relaxation, Meditation, and Yoga

Whether the family caregiver in your life finds rest and relaxation through yoga, meditation, or another form of exercise such as walking, biking, or hiking, it is the gift that you can give that is good for both the body and the mind. Helping the caregiver in your life maintain their health and exercise helps them clear their minds and stay in the present moment.

Give the gift of relaxation, meditation, or yoga by purchasing a gift certificate to a local yoga studio, or other exercise class. Combine it with a gift certificate for in-home help so that they feel free to go to their classes!

Hopefully, this guide helps you with some great ideas for the family caregiver in your life who does so much for their loved ones. If you still feel like you need more ideas, don’t forget that Homewatch CareGivers of Annapolis is here for you. It is always a privilege to provide our clients and community with compassionate and professional assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have more questions or keep browsing our website for more information.

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