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Learn About The Changes In the Home Care Industry

The home care industry, also referred to as non-medical home care, in-home care, private-duty care, and custodial care, looks much different today than it did 10-15 years ago. Home care used to be a very personal business where the owner of the company was closely connected, and often even provided care, to his or her customers.

As the industry consolidates, that has been and will continue to change. Business demands have forced home care companies to be more efficient, to wisely use technology and to focus more energy around profitability. The increasing demand for home care services is placing a lot of pressure on companies to increase wages. This is great news for caregivers since the demand for their services is at an all-time high. This, naturally, will force the cost of services to the consumer to increase at a higher rate than what has occurred in the past.

So the personal touch of such services will decline and prices will increase. Is there any good news? Thankfully; yes. Many who work in the industry have a passion for helping the elderly and those with disabilities that is borderline divine in nature. This part of the workforce should give those in need of services peace of mind.

The other good news, and perhaps the biggest story in the industry in 2019, is that Medicare, yes Medicare that everybody is eventually entitled to, is beginning to pay for private-duty home care via certain Advantage plans. In the past, other resources available to families to help pay for home care included Medicaid, the VA, long term care insurance and some disease organizations. Medicare entering this arena is a game-changer. And now is a great time to review your coverage as this is the middle of open enrollment.

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