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Sensational Spring Senior Activities

Birds are singing, days are getting longer, beautiful weather is arriving, and spring is on its way! After a long winter, it’s time to enjoy spring with your senior loved ones. Here are five fun activities to help seniors “spring” into a happy and healthy spring season.

1.Decorate. The senior adult in your life will love sprucing up their home or bedroom with spring décor. You can make brightly colored paper garlands to drape across doors, hallways and stairwells. Or try creating a spring collage to hang on the wall. You can help your loved one cut out their favorite images from papers or spring magazines. They can be images of animals, flowers, or you can even use photos of family members. Once the collage is complete, you can display it on a cork board for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, you can fill the house with flowers to brighten your loved one’s day and spread some festive cheer. In the spirit of Easter, you can also dye colored eggs with your loved one. Encourage them to try different color combinations and see how creative you both can be!

2. Have a Picnic Outside. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Pack a healthy lunch and some lemonade and spend the afternoon at the park. The senior in your life will likely love having some time in the fresh air and sunshine. If it is still a bit chilly where you live, make sure your loved one brings a scarf or a hat to help stay warm. On the other hand, if it is already extra warm where you are, make sure the senior in your life wears sunscreen and has water readily available. You can stroll through the park at whatever pace is comfortable for your loved one and enjoy looking at trees, birds, and flowers.

3. Garden. The warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to start a garden with your loved one. You can purchase seeds for their favorite flower or vegetable and plant them in their yard. Not only is this a great spring activity but it can also provide a simple way for your loved one to get some exercise and socialize. As a bonus, if you plant vegetables, this is an excellent way to help the senior in your life incorporate healthy veggies into their diet! If your loved one isn’t capable of taking care of a garden, you can always place a fresh, potted plant in their room.

4. Birdwatching. Spring is the season when all the birds are returning from their winter migration. Grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy trying to spot different kinds of birds in the trees with your senior loved one. You can even take it a step further and set up a bird feeder outside your loved one’s window. If the senior in your life enjoys being creative, you can also buy a birdhouse kit and decorate it with them.

5. Make a Sweet Spring Treat. Spring is the perfect time to get busy in the kitchen and bake a refreshing treat with the seniors in your life. Try your hand at making a tangy tart or a scone filled with fruit. No-bake cheesecakes or cupcakes in a mug are also very simple dessert options you can easily make with seniors. Additionally, you can take advantage of all the fruit that is available at this time of year and make smoothies brimming with antioxidants for your loved ones. If your family celebrates Easter, try making some sweet rolls or deviled eggs together.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, be sure to do something special and create lasting memories with your loved one this spring season.

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