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Is Caregiving for You?

Some people are cut out for being a caregiver—either as a family or friend or even as a professional.

If you have been a family caregiver, or are just looking for a new career with flexibility, perhaps working as a caregiver could be for you. Innate compassion is a plus, and specific skills can be taught through the Homewatch CareGivers University platform.

Age is Not Relevant

There might be some jobs out there better suited to a specific age in life, but caregiving can—and is—done by people from all ages and stages of life.

We’ve profiled some “senior” caregivers who found this role later in life, often after some practical experience with loved ones. Check out their stories in this article. Some people say that they prefer to give back through caregiving after they’ve retired from another profession.

Conversely, younger people find themselves providing care for family members and then a new job opportunity with the skills they develop. We profiled some “millennial caregivers” in this article, and share the statistics on how many people under 40 are caregivers these days.

Do You Feel the Need?

The fact is that there is a huge need for more caregivers to care for people who need assistance with daily activities in the home. Daily activities are those things that many people take for granted at a certain point in life such as dressing oneself, bathing and showering alone safely, remembering to take medications, and running routine errands such as grocery shopping or going to the doctor’s office.

Professional caregivers can help a client for just a few hours a week or become part of a live-in support care team. A caregiver is there to help someone who is vulnerable due to age or illness be and feel more safe in their home environment. Many people can benefit from the true companionship of a caregiver who engages in conversation, shared interests, or routine activities like a neighborhood walk, preparing a meal, or even going fishing.

With the Baby Boomer generation, there is an anticipated bubble of need for home care, as research studies found. Whether this is a shortage or an opportunity depends on your perspective.

Caregiving Is….

Take a look at our new video featuring real caregivers as they share what think caregiving is.

Some of what they share includes these sentiments:

“…making them feel like family.”

“A way to make a change in someone’s life.”

“Giving of oneself so that another individual can have some independence.”

If you think you might interested in joining a caregiving team, see what jobs are available today.

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