• Caregiving and Control

    Why are some people so controlling? A psychologist breaks it down, the has some tips on how to be a caregiver to someone who can't give up the control.

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  • Good News! You’re Aging!

    Let’s not kid ourselves, there are some downsides to getting older. However, science is finding some pretty good things going on also.

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  • The Long Goodbye

    Alzheimer’s disease lasts an average of 10-15 years and is marked by progressive loss of mental capabilities, physical function and social skills. The impact for family members and loved ones is profound, but often goes unrecognized. Learn how to cope.

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  • Homewatch CareGivers in National News

    This segment that aired on CNBC is a spot about employment opportunities in the home health industry.  

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  • Tips on Being a Long-Distance Caregiver

    Living far away from a loved one doesn't mean you can't be a caregiver. Get tips on how to keep your elder safe and happy--no matter where you are.

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  • One Woman’s Story of Caring for Dad

    Caring for a family member isn't always planned. Lisa Shultz reconnected with her Dad and became one of his primary caregivers, then wrote a book about it.

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