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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • MJ could not have served my wife better, as she been part of our immediate family. She worked with and learned from my wife’s personal trainer to assist my wife with her very necessary exercises. MJ helped my wife with humor and grace….. wherever she goes and whomever she will care for will benefit greatly.

    - Sherwin K.
  • “This important service kept Lil very happy, and was a blessing to the entire family! It was especially significant as Lil has worked for Lake County Family Services for many years, and now it was her turn to receive help. As we got to know Janean, we felt fortunate to have her live with and care for Lil these last twenty-two months.”
    - Mary S.
  • “I am writing this about a caregiver that is in our building, Elaine G, she is here at building several days a week and is an outstanding individual and an irreplaceable caregiver that makes a wonderful addition to our community. She has one of the more impatient and difficulty residents to work with, but is always kind, patient and caring, even under the toughest of times.”
    - Emily L.
  • “Over the years, you have stepped in to help without being asked on many occasions. Your generosity is well noted. With gratitude, I say thank you for being the service to others type of guy. I can never re-pay you, but I can certainly thank you. This means a lot.”
    - Dave S.
  • “I was very grateful to you and Mitch for taking the time to meet with me not once, but twice, to get a clear picture of what Mom’s needs were and what a caregiver would need to do to help her. Despite all the doctors and health care providers involved, it felt somewhat like I was alone in my task of getting Mom back on her feet. You made me feel like I had real partners, and that continued when the caregivers were assigned.”
    - Jenny F.
  • “Thanks to your entire staff for the care John received over the past 15 months. The caregivers were all attentive, caring, professional, knowledgeable, and above all kind.”
    - Lynn H. & Family
  • “She is a treasure. If time permitted I would fill pages about her. She is calm, which I need, responsible, honest to a fault. Loyal, eager to please. When one could help me she was there.”
    - Susan G.
  • “No words can express the depth of my gratitude to Betty, to HomeWatch Caregivers, and most importantly to the LORD for all her care. I would consider it an honor to be a reference for Betty anytime. Best Regards –”
    - Peter W.
  • “During the past 3 years, my mom’s desire for self-sufficiency has remained constant, but her health has declined, and with that, her ability to maintain self-sufficiency. Through these changes, Homewatch has been a constant and extremely reliable presence in my mom’s life...the meaning of care-giving, and my mother, my brother, myself and my daughter all consider our caregiver to be a gift in our lives.”
    - Christine I.