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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “We were very pleased with (almost) all of the carers and you were very receptive when a carer was not a good fit. We were very appreciative of your responsiveness.”
    - Susan S.
  • “These caregivers are the best. They do everything that is within there power to make all they do is satisfactory to you and your loved ones.They listen and watch during my physical therapy days, taking notes so we can practice later. When they give me a shower , they make sure I'm comfortable and completely covered up. We each do half of the bath to do after we completed with the bath ..after the bath, and I'm getting dressed then I'm all ready for my day.”
    - Robin B.
  • “They are always very reliable and only send caregivers to you with good dispositions who will give you a lift of spirits. They do personal care and shopping for me. They do whatever I need.”
    - Odean M.
  • “The agency takes care of everything and our caregiver is very patient.”
    - Michelle S.
  • “I really like the people who run Homewatch CareGivers. I felt they understood our situation and they were easy to communicate with. They were available basically 24 hours a day. They were flexible and would do whatever they could to help. My parents have long term care insurance and they deal with that so I don't have to.”
    - Matt M.
  • “The agency office staff was readily available, answered questions quickly and was easy to work with. The caregivers were exceptionally patient and attentive.”
    - Darren B.
  • “Every caregiver that was sent was outstanding. They genuinely cared about my mom and me. When we had a freeze, they immediately checked up on us.”
    - Karen M.
  • “Caregivers are very caring, concerned, and competent. They took care of my husband during the night and day.”
    - Anne C.
  • “My mother was able to live her life out in her own home. The staff would communicate the schedules on a weekly basis. Our caregiver Laura was great for my mother and provided all the care needed.”
    - Laurie B.