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Hickory Hills Oak Brook, Oak Park and Southwest Suburbs

The cost of home care in Hickory Hills, Oak Brook, and Oak Park can be one piece of a combination of long-term options. Many of our clients include home care as one element of their routine with a variety of family care. We have one client who has one daughter who comes to her home to help her Mom out, but since her sister has young children, she hires us to be there when her sister cannot be. Another family caregiver is a student who must attend school so we come in during the daytime while she is in classes, then she can be there at night when needed. Yet another family uses our home care services to help with bringing her elder parent home from an adult day program and staying with this person until they get home from work.

Considerations of the costs of long-term care should factor in many elements.

Home care offers personalized, one-to-one social, physical, and cognitive support care and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), but home upkeep costs need to be included. Caregivers are trained and supervised by the company.

Nursing homes offer private rooms and semi-private rooms, each at different costs with additional charges for various services, including meals.

Assisted living facilities are a community-like setting for people who can no longer live independently without help.

Adult day services are drop-in centers typically open on weekdays during daytime hours.

With each care option, ask about caregiver to client ratio, how personalized services are for the individual, who is responsible for taxes, insurance and worker’s compensation, and find out if there are additional expenses such as meals and utilities. Consider the level of independence for the person receiving each type of long-term care and how this matches with their personality.

The cost of using a home care company varies based on the breadth of services provided and number of hours required. Typically, hourly costs go down as number of hours increases, and fees go up when more skill is needed or desired.

We’d like to get to know you better so we can provide more specific costs for the care you need. Call us today to assess any of these options.