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Edina Minneapolis and the West Metro

Meet Deb Nelson

My favorite part of being the owner of Homewatch CareGivers in Edina, Minnesota is that I get to meet all of our clients and their families! Every client is unique and wonderful in their own quirky way – one might be intent on details, some tell jokes and laugh and have great senses of humor, some are sad about their condition and we cry together but each of these opportunities is a joy for me.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to get to know each of our clients at the beginning of our relationship and really hear their challenges, their goals and their hopes. I love hearing what THEY want to accomplish and what THEY want their day to look like and then we do our best to help them achieve that.

The other part of my job as the owner that I enjoy is being able to influence and mentor my staff. During my 30 years in corporate America, I was exposed to so much education about management, self- discipline, financial well-being and team-building. It’s now my job as a small business owner to bring information and training to my team on how to be better managers, how to approach challenges in a positive way and realize the benefits of holding yourself to higher standards.

Many of my caregivers have not had advanced education or opportunities in their lives to have a mentor who is interested in coaching them to achieve more. I feel my role is to coach my management staff to be different than other agency staff – to uplift and support our caregivers so they learn to expect more of themselves. We want them to work at being better communicators, better employees, better neighbors and in some cases even better parents.

Caregiving is exceptionally hard work. It takes a toll physically and mentally. If we can create an environment where our caregivers feel we truly care for them – they then can put their energy and attention into providing the highest quality care to our clients.

Deb Nelson