Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville solely provides nonmedical care.

12 Days of Volunteering- Day 5

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Dennise owner

Dennise Vaughn, President and Owner, Homewatch CareGivers supports the seniors and families in Naperville and surrounding areas by serving as Vice-President of the Board of the Naperville & Lisle Townships Triad.

Paul Beach

Paul Beach, Community Outreach Partner, Homewatch CareGivers also volunteers his time on numerous Naperville & Lisle Townships Triad activities, presentations and services.

The mission of Naperville-Lisle Triad is to enhance the quality of life of all senior citizens in Naperville Township and Lisle Township. Triad empowers senior citizens to become more involved in community programs, including crime prevention programs, educational seminars, and implementing means to make the community a safer place for senior citizens.

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