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June Client Story

Sydelle and FevenMeet Sydelle (pictured here with her caregiver, Feven).

Sydelle was great with numbers in school and was always top in her class for anything that had to do with numbers. Later in life, she became a realtor and owned her own business.

Sydelle has three sons; two (Eric and Mark) who live locally. Her grandsons are Hunter and Noah.

One of the things Sydelle likes to do is dress well. Her appearance is important to her.

Sydelle enjoys when her caregiver, Feven, is in the home with her. We recently sat down with Sydelle and asked her a couple of questions about the service being provided by Homewatch CareGivers of North Dallas. At one point during the interview, Sydelle joked about being spoiled rotten with Feven.

Why do you like Homewatch?
I love the caregivers that have been assigned to me, but I really enjoy Feven.

How has Homewatch been helpful to you?
One time I had a caregiver call out and someone from the office came out and took me to my appointment so I would not miss it.

Share a favorite memory you’ve had with your caregiver?
Feven is very caring. When I am sick, Feven makes sure to call and check on me throughout the day after she leaves. Feven also makes sure I take my meds first thing in the morning and always double checks to see if I have taken my meds at night.

Entrusting your loved one’s care to our home health Care agency in Dallas, TX, means you will have an extra pair of eyes looking for any safety hazards such as taking medication correctly, extra clutter on the floor that may cause a fall, or a dim light in the hallway that could lead to an accident.

Caregivers are especially alert to in-home risks and can be there to help minimize the risk of injury.

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