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A note from our Owner, Stacey Thornberry

"Time flies when you are having fun" This is a common quote that many of us hear when we are engaged in something that we enjoy! The best things go by quickly and are over before one knows it.

This past month has been quite the amazing whirlwind. We have added many new clients as we push through staffing challenges along with other home health agencies. We have had to become very creative with our scheduling and hiring practices to retain our amazing staff and also to gain new team members. Our work is very crucial and serves such an amazing purpose to your loved ones. We have added to our leadership team with a full time Office Manager/Recruiting Manager. Stephanie Greener is a wonderful addition to our team. Many times when I am meeting with clients, they compliment her on her knowledge, patience and phone etiquitte. We have implemented 3 orientations a week to capture qualified applicants and turn them into high performing employees. We are focusing on the idea of "growing a caregiver". What does this mean? It means that we can train anyone who already possess the traits of kindness, patience, serving and commitment. We can train the skills. We have 3 employees who have recently joined our team who have no experience yet want to serve and provide companion care. This means a lot to our seniors. Many just want someone to talk to. I heard this week while visiting one of our clients, "I really enjoy the company when your staff is here. They are the kindest and most professional team I have hired."

As I lead from the top, I challenge my leadership team to hire the best candidates and continue to follow up with the team numerous times throughout the week. We become more than just caregivers to our clients. We become extended family. Megan Jones and I are always accessible to our families and we are happy to be a liasion between caregivers, clients, senior living facilites and our local hospice organizations. We review all of the notes that are left in our client notebooks and in our app. We are a team. That is what makes us successful. We are all in this together and we all will pitch in where needed. Click here for more information on our services or contact us today!

Thank you for entrusting your loved ones to our care.


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  • A Note from our Owner, Stacey Thornberry
  • A note from our Owner, Stacey Thornberry
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