Specialized Memory Care Programs

Homewatch CareGivers provides a unique approach to dementia care called Pathways to Memory. Pathways to Memory, offered exclusively by Homewatch CareGivers, is comprised of two distinct service options:

  • Specialized Dementia Care consists of personal and companion care provided by intensively trained and tested caregivers. Through our Specialized Dementia Care services we strive to increase the quality of life and provide a more interactive care experience in our clients’ lives – every day.
  • Focused Memory Training cultivates self-sufficiency, competency and self-worth while promoting a sense of purpose and the memory skills needed for life’s daily activities. Since memory translates to ability, participants experience a boost in confidence and renew their outlook on life.

All Pathways to Memory services are provided by specially trained individuals that bring patience and compassion to an emotionally charged family dynamic. As a neutral third party, our caregivers are able to focus on what’s best for the client today, without the emotional history that comes with a lifetime of knowing someone.

Pathways to Memory is specialized dementia care for those living with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, as well as for their families. It features one-on-one interaction and attention – key to providing the best care possible for someone living with memory impairment. A caregiver provides social interaction and companionship for the person living with dementia.

Our memory care keeps clients safe and improves the quality of life for everyone involved.

Each in-home caregiver certified in Homewatch Caregivers’ Pathways to Memory program is specially trained and tested so they understand how to redirect challenging behaviors, such as mood swings, anxiety or depression, and incorporate meaningful activities into a person’s daily routine.

Affordable Home Care for Patients Living with Dementia
With Pathways to Memory, our care team builds a care plan that is individually customized for each family and based on a specific person’s health and social history – it is not a one-size-fits-all process. We don’t just pick a caregiver. We individually match a client with a caregiver. Equipped with this information, a caregiver knows the most meaningful way to engage with a person living with dementia, catering to their unique habits, preferences and behavioral issues.

Homewatch Caregivers uses a positive, failure-free approach. Your loved one is never wrong. This approach crafts a calm and supportive environment to bolster a client’s self-esteem when they are most vulnerable.

Trained caregivers call upon what is unique about the person living with dementia. The goal is to utilize the hobbies and activities a client enjoys and create meaningful moments that can continue to adjust as a client’s cognitive abilities change.

Specialized Dementia Home Care Improves Quality of Life for Everyone
Helping Families Plan for the Road Ahead
Dementia doesn’t just affect a loved one, it also affects the rest of the family. Pathways to Memory supports the entire family, getting them involved as well as providing them with tips and coping skills as their loved one’s needs change. Caregivers are also there to be a respite for the family from the stress of continual care, allowing the family to enjoy the time with their loved one.

Pathways to Memory is a coping solution for the entire family. It eases fears, and lessens the burden on family caregivers by teaching them, communicating with them, and giving them much-needed support. Caregivers trained in Pathways to Memory understand the delicate family dynamics involved when a family is living with dementia and their goal is to bring both the client and their loved ones closer together.

Our In-Home Dementia Caregivers Receive Specialized Training
Each caregiver trained in our Pathways to Memory program does so through the Homewatch CareGivers University. These professionally-developed courses are not a one-time class. It starts with seven hours of dementia specific classwork. Then caregivers go through ongoing training and they cultivate more skills through supplemental hands-on experience.

A Pathways to Memory caregiver is able to provide help with many daily-living activities, including:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Personal Grooming
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Healthy Meal Preparation - Consistent training and communication creates a circle of trust between the client, the Pathways to Memory caregiver, and the entire family.
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