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Caregiving Tips to Help with Daily Tasks

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When it comes to providing care for your loved one, you’ve probably already read every article out there. You’ve become an expert when it comes to finding resources, taking breaks, and practicing self-care. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t find ways to make everyday tasks just a touch easier. Are you looking for some tips and tricks to help you make your daily task list take just a little less time? We’re here to help! Keep reading to learn more.

Quick and Easy Bedding Change

We all want our loved ones to have a restful night of sleep. Often though, there are accidents, or simple circumstances that require us to change the bedding much more frequently than what is usual. Whether you have a loved one who simply sleeps better with fresh sheets, or is bed-bound, this simple trick can help make this task just a little easier. The first step is to make the bed with 3 layers of fitted sheets and waterproof mattress pads. In order, it would go mattress, waterproof mattress pad, fitted sheet. Then another waterproof mattress pad, and another fitted sheet. Finally, you have your top layer of waterproof mattress pad, and the top fitted sheet. The final step is to store the flat sheet and comforter together. You can lay the flat sheet down, then the comforter, and fold them together so that it is as simple as pulling it out of the cabinet and unfolding it on top of the bed.

Grocery Shopping Made Simple

Do you ever go to the grocery store specifically for your loved one? Wish you could knock out your own grocery list and your loved one’s at the same time? You can! Here is a trick to help you out, simply pack 2 different colored reusable canvas shopping bags and a large cooler. When you pack your groceries into the car, place your loved one’s groceries into one color shopping bag, and your groceries into the other. Make sure you place YOUR cold items into the cooler, then head over to drop off your loved one’s groceries with confidence. A cooler can keep your cold items safe for hours, so even if you want to drop off the groceries and then stay for a visit, you can do that!

Easy Laundry Tips

The next time you head over to a home improvement store, check out their selection of utility carts. One of these nifty tools can come in handy for a quick and easy laundry hack. You simply place the laundry basket on top of the utility cart, then when your loved one has dirty laundry, they don’t have to bend over and make it into the basket. Also it allows you, or your loved one, to easily wheel the basket from room to room to collect towels or other items that need to be washed. If your loved one is still mobile, but has issues carrying things, then this trick gives them the ability to get something from one place to another with something to lean on instead of carry.

Is your loved one in a wheelchair? Clothing that is hung in a closet can be tricky. Try hanging items on a hanger, then putting those items on a second hanger to lower the clothes into a position that is easier for your loved one to reach.

Reminders and To-Dos

If you have a loved one who is starting to forget tasks, you can help make sure that they remember what’s next with sticky notes! Feel free to add a few personal messages that will brighten their day. Swap out the colors and messages so they stay fresh and recognizable between your visits. No matter what, remember that at Homewatch CareGivers of Silver Spring, we’re here to help! We are experts when it comes to finding the resources you need to make your caregiving journey easier. Contact us today to learn more or continue to browse our site for more information.

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