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24-hour Care

Trusted and Best Round-the-clock Expert Care for the Seniors in Your Family

When you think of a senior, with their love and experience their fragile health also comes to mind. As the physical ability of the seniors diminishes with each passing year, they need 24-hour care and monitoring. They need assistance not only for physically challenging tasks but also for daily chores like bathing and dressing.

If your parents wish to spend their twilight years with independence and in the warmth of their cherished homes, then it can be challenging. Seniors with fragile health require 24-hour care and assistance in most affairs. This is where Homewatch CareGivers24-hour care services in Silver Spring, Maryland come to your aid.

The 24-hour care

The 24-hour care service gives aging adults in your family access to full-time, round-the-clock assistance, care, and monitoring of their health. This is especially beneficial for seniors with ailments like dementia or physical limitations due to age or illness.

Your family can rest assured knowing that expert and trusted caregivers are present with your parents. Our caregivers are trained and diligent in monitoring the safety& health vitals of seniors, attending to their daily needs, and keeping them company.

The Homewatch CareGivers at Silver Spring, Maryland can help with:

  • Bathing&Dressing
  • Support while walking and exercising
  • Menu planning, meal prep, and cooking
  • Running errands and household chores
  • Visiting healthcare provider
  • Visiting relatives, friends, and other appointments

Care in the Comfort of Home

World over healthcare experts have emphasized the importance of home care in improving the quality of life and health for elders. This requires that there must be a well-trained and trusted person to care for them at home 24/7.

The caregivers from Homewatch CareGivers at Silver Spring, Maryland are trained to meet the demands of a person recovering from a surgery or to care for people coping with a progressive illness. They give comfort and support to a person with limited time left as well as help the family transition through this difficult time.

Qualified & Trusted Caregivers in Silver Spring, Maryland

We build trust with clear and open communication with a clear scope of work. But all our caregivers never hesitate to walk the extra mile to comfort their clients. The Homewatch CareGivers works on the principles of trusteeship and its core values include compassion, meaningful care, and respect for all.

We respect your decision to allow us into your lives. You are placing your most valuable entity in our care – your loved ones. And we would do anything to earn and retain your trust day-in and day-out.

In this direction, we regularly check the background of our caregivers, sensitize them about the needs of the clients, train and retrain them, and make surprise house calls to check on their work. This is over and above the feedback that the client and you give us about their services.

Different strokes for different folks

All our care packages can be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, your father may want a companion who can play bridge, chess, and other such games with him. We will match your father with a caregiver who shares similar interests so that both can become good companions.

We are proud to have caregivers with a wide spectrum of interests and preferences, therefore we can easily find a unique caregiver for the unique elder in your family.

Our matching process takes special care to complement their perspective on life to ensure that their time together is fun and enjoyable.

Costs of 24-hour care

We evolve our service package according to the evolving needs of an individual. Our team regularly takes feedback from the client, their family, and the caregiver to assess the change in needs. We can increase the duration or type of care to suit your needs.

For example:

  • One caregiver would come for a 16-hour workday with breaks and will sleep at your home.
  • Two caregivers would work 12-hour shifts with breaks, while the evening caregiver would stay awake through the night.

The charges of the 24-hour care services would vary on the above as well as other factors like the unique medical needs and the prevalent wage core.

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