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Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors and Friends

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Written by Mia Dennery

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? The air is warming, and the flowers are blooming. With all this excitement around us, let us remember the first important step in embracing the new season. Now if you said Spring Cleaning, then you are off to a good start. We all know how satisfying a clean new space can feel, but let’s explore how a fresh start can benefit us physically and mentally.

For seniors, organizing the space around you can prevent clutter and possible falling hazards. Once you move aside the common tripping hazards, you will reduce your senior’s risk of falling tremendously.

Once we have cleared up the floor, we can move over to the refrigerator. If you have noticed a strange odor coming from the kitchen recently, it may be time to throw out some old groceries. It is perfectly normal to forget those old vegetables sitting in the back of your refrigerator for a week. What is important to know, is that if you leave spoiled food or beverages sitting for too long, you may be welcoming bacteria to interact with the other remnants of the fridge. Use your Spring enthusiasm to sort out that refrigerator, freezer, and even pantry while you are at it.

Has it been feeling a little gloomy inside, even with the sun beaming outdoors? This is a sign to clean your windows! Whether you are a Windex fan or prefer a little old-fashioned vinegar, let’s invite natural light back into our homes again. Take some time to wipe down those windows and soak in the sunshine right from the living room.

After all this straightening up, ask yourself, do I feel better? Am I waking up a little lighter? If you answered yes, it is because your newly cleaned home has rewarded you mentally as well as physically. Performing these basic chores can assist in maintaining your health and a positive attitude.

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