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5 Reasons to Consider a Caregiving Career this Year

Caregivers truly make a difference in the world. They bring meaning and purpose to another person’s life by providing opportunities for them to continue doing things that bring them joy. Caregivers help other people to feel fulfilled and to remain as independent as possible, in an environment they are most comfortable in. There are many reasons why someone may become a caregiver: they have been caring for a family member and discovered their strengths in being compassionate; they are following a path into nursing or related medical field and want some hands-on experience; they enjoy helping others and developing meaningful one-on-one connections.

As caregiving becomes a high-in-demand career with more people living longer in the comfort of their own homes, there can also be financial incentives to consider this job. The need for quality caregivers has perhaps never been greater.

Here are five reasons for you to consider a caregiving career this year:

  1. Transferable skills. The skills gained in a caregiving job can apply to all kinds of other roles, including some in the home care agency office. Things like being compassionate, being a good listener, showing patience, and other qualities can be beneficial in almost any professional field.
  2. Training. At Homewatch CareGivers, caregivers have the opportunity for additional training via the Homewatch CareGivers University which can empower them to grow professionally. There are courses on dementia care, behavioral health, instructions on caring for people who are living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, courses on caring for veterans and much more. You can learn and hone your skills in almost any aspect of caregiving and you can do this virtually whenever it works best for you. There is no limit to how far your caregiving career can take you with your training.
  3. Flexibility. Caregivers often have some schedule flexibility, much different than a traditional 9 to 5 type of job, which means they have the ability to pick and choose what suits them and their own families, while earning money from their career.
  4. Making a difference. Yes, a smile can change someone’s world. Many people who need in home care services have become isolated from a life that brought them joy. Symptoms of chronic conditions may limit their abilities to engage in certain activities or socialize as they once did. A friendly caregiver who provides transportation for errands, plays a fun board game, gives medication reminders, and much more, can alleviate their feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.
  5. Each day is new. Caregiving may have challenges and surprises and that can help you to grow personally and professionally, as well as bring laughs and new life skills. Each client is unique and brings their own life story and needs to the relationship, and a chance to learn more.

Explore the possibilities of caregiving more.

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