Outdoor Activities for Those with Dementia

Outdoor Activities for Those with Dementia

With the warm, summer weather it’s nice to do activities that take you outside. For people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the outside world can be full of ways to trigger a memory. There are many outside places you can go and sit for hours with a senior to let them enjoy their surroundings as they reminisce.

A good example is botanic gardens. These often have a wide variety of places to sit and relax surrounded by blooming flowers. An older woman with Alzheimer’s can suddenly come alive when she remembers the daisies in her own garden as a child or the years she spent trimming her rosebush.

Fishing can have the same impact. An older man with dementia will feel right at home sitting next to a stream with a fishing pole in his hands. This is a familiar and stress-free excursion that lets them just enjoy the moment. They aren’t worrying about what they can’t remember, and people aren’t there correcting them. Their companions can just listen to the stories that will flow out of the other times they’ve gone fishing and all those ones that got away.

The important things to look for in these activities are places for them to sit that don’t have a time crunch on them. A garden and a stream don’t come with clocks. You want something a person with dementia has enjoyed for their entire lives and it will mean a great day reliving their past instead of struggling to remember their present.

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