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Questions to Ask

Find the Right In-Home Care Provider

Thinking of hiring a home care provider? Smart move. Thing is, not all caregiver services are created equal. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you choose the right people to care for the ones you care for most. Use the following list to ensure you’re getting the highest quality of care.

  • Do you perform quality assurance checks every 90 days to ensure my loved one gets the care they deserve and that our caregiver is still a good match?
  • Can you place a hand-selected caregiver at my loved one’s home for same-day service?
  • Do you screen your caregivers annually with extensive national background checks?
  • Do you coordinate care with all partners including family, health care providers, and my loved one?
  • Do you have a real person answering your phones 24/7/365?
  • Do you create a custom care plan that uncovers and addresses my loved one’s evolving physical, emotional, and social needs so that they receive what truly makes them happy?
  • Do you create an empowering, engaging environment that fosters lasting relationships between your caregivers and clients?
  • Do you insure your caregiver employees and pay their taxes and compensation?
  • Do you require at least 12 hours of annual training to keep caregiver skills sharp?

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An elderly woman smiling into the side
  • “They were always friendly and always of great help when ...”

    - Dan E.

  • “I have been very pleased with Homewatch and their services. The ...”

    - John H.

  • “Debera R. was an excellent care giver, she was ...”

    - Leonard B.

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