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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “I recently moved to Ann Arbor, 3 years after suffering a severe stroke. The stroke has left me with hemiparesis, in my case, weakness on the left side of my body. It’s been a long and challenging journey and I still have a long way to go. I’m determined to recover as much as I possibly can, and my caregiver s have been wonderful about helping me any way they can think of. I’ve had consistent care ever since the day I arrived, which is not always possible, in my experience. I’m delighted with the lovely women who have been taking such good care of me ever since the day iI arrived. I would highly recommend Homewatch to anyone who needs home healthcare services. A special shout-out to Beverly who takes such good care of me and makes me laugh so hard with her wonderful Jamaican humor. She’s a real gem.”
    - Joyce Dennison
  • “We have referred many clients to Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor, and are never disappointed in the reliable, consistent, caring, excellent quality of service that the caregivers provide. The local management is also very responsive and does an excellent job working to find good attendant matches for the individualized needs of the patient. Truly remarkable and caring. We highly recommend them!”
    - Lynn B.
  • “As a social worker, I have referred many Washtenaw/Wayne County residents to HWCG since 2014, with great success. Quick to respond to the individuals in need; quality work is always in the forefront of this agency. The management staff is anticipatory of potential issues, and have great crisis intervention skills when needed. This is a loyal & reliable group of health care providers, who show their caring spirit each day. I hear about their dependability and caring, thoughtful manner from those I have referred to Homewatch. Always at the top of my list of local providers!”
    - Diane Fenske
  • “I have used Homewatch Caregivers several times for friends and family members. The caregivers are so kind and thoughtful. They responded right away when I asked for help. They are excellent at staying in touch with you as well. They are just AWESOME! I can’t recommend them them enough. Thank you Homewatch Caregivers. 😍”
    - Sheri Dufek
  • “What impresses me and the family most about our Homewatch caregiver is the degree to which she has become a vital part of our family. We simply couldn't do without Johnnie at this point, and we consider her a part of our family now. The value placed on the personal relationship with the client cannot be overstated. 5+ stars!”
    - The Queen
  • “I don't think I could've done it without them. They've provided services that allow me to get things that I need at home and get to appointments. I couldn't stay at home without them.”
    - Cathy E.
  • “They are dependable and I think I must have an unusual lady who comes out. I am able to stay in my home and not go into a nursing home. This is a huge difference in my life!”
    - Doris S.
  • “It would be impossible to find a more professional, courteous, or effective agency. The caregivers are caring, sweet, kind, and lovely! I can go on and on!”
    - T.S.
  • “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Miranda and Travis. They have been our caregivers on a consistent basis and have been instrumental in the care and rehabilitation of my father. I truly believe if it were not for the consistency of both Miranda and Travis making him do his exercises it would have taken much longer for him to get where he is today. They are exceptional, reliable and kind, caregivers.”
    - S.T.