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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “It is difficult to find the right words to express my appreciation for the services Homewatch CareGivers provided for me and my wife. Family members could not have done a better job. Homewatch CareGivers sets a standard far above the competition. Unfortunately, this is a fact I was able to witness for myself. A special thanks, the industry needs more companies like yours”
    - D.Talamona
  • “Thanks to everyone for the awesome gift basket!! What a wonderful variety of treats! I love working with everyone at Homewatch and anticipate a longtime relationship. I eagerly celebrated 18 months with Homewatch. Thank you Kathy”
    - Kathy L
  • “Dear Sandy, Thank you for all your helpful assistance with Margaret O. and her grandfather Rick. You guys are great!!”
    - Jessica
  • “I want to thank you for sending Robby to care for Gail. The care Robby gave to Gail was excellent. She was always gentle and kind and instantly formed a close bond with her that was well beyond just taking care of her. Gail was diagnosed with Bulbar onset of ALS and she needed someone with her all day long. Gail could neither speak nor swallow by that time. Robby came to us every week for 3 days, 8 hours per day until Gail died in October . I had worked out the hours so that we could afford Robby for years to come and I could tend to her the remainder of the week. During that time Robby was dependable in arriving on time and stayed with Gail until I returned home from work, usually staying until I got situated. It was important that Gail be cared for, since as her strength waned, she needed help getting out of bed, standing , going up and down stairs, dressing , showering, assembling meals, etc. Sometimes she and Robby would take walks through the neighborhood, go get her nails done or attend Hadassah meeting so Gail could continue to be involved in activities she enjoyed. Gail immediately liked and was comfortable with Robby. Gail asked me not to" take Robby away from me". I am grateful and feel we were blessed to have had Robby to help Gail through a very difficult time in our lives. Thank you.”
    - D. Davis
  • “Hi Teresa and Sandy, When I was in desperate need for finding a home care provider for my wife, I was given a list of potential support companies. Homewatch was the only company that could meet with me immediately. I was not only amazed at your quick response, but was surprised that a RN showed up for the assessment. Other firms were only going to send a sales representative or they were not interested in only providing care on a very limited basis. Homewatch was very flexible and provided suitable options that worked perfectly with our scheduling. The best part about utilizing Homewatch was the professional, yet friendly care of the caregivers. They instantly formed a bond with my wife and I. When there was down time, the providers generously offered to clean bathrooms or other areas of the house. I was very comfortable in leaving the house to take a walk or go shopping. Upon returning, I often found them engaging with my wife in reading, playing games or organizing items in the home. Homewatch provided me with assurance that they would provide superb personal care for my wife, and I could continue my normal, everyday duties. What a relief and blessing to my family. I totally trusted them in my house and especially caring for my bride of 34 years. I would welcome Homewatch back to our home, if we ever needed a home care provider again, or I would freely recommend this company to anyone needing this special kind of service.”
    - John E.
  • “Thank you. You were so wonderful to work with, and I thank you for putting your time and effort in helping us make Mom most comfortable. She's really home now and free. Debbie "We love because he first loved us" 1 John 4:19”
    - Debbie Z
  • “"Homewatch is more than words" Homewatch is there. Homewatch we care. Our clients are our number one goal. Our Homewatch family will never get old. We have good potential, yes indeed. If you don't believe me come join the Homewatch team. Our clients are happy with the job we give, that's why they welcome us to their home, the place they live. All in all Homewatch is the best, trust me, I am like a baby bird , don't want to leave the nest. P.S. Thank you to my Homewatch family for everything. Thanks for opening my life to a better future. Latia Johnson - Team member since 2015”
    - Latia Johnson
  • “After much research and family agonizing over "what to do about Mom", last summer, our family decided to go with Homewatch CareGivers. That turned out to be the best choice we've made in a long time. Not only were they extremely professional and caring, but the person they sent to be with our mom was exceptional. From the moment she walked in the door, I knew we had a winner! Katy is exactly the right person to visit with my mom twice a week. She is effective, cheerful and has the youth and energy to be the perfect companion for Mom. Mom couldn't have been more pleased with her. Even though Mom's going out of town for several months, we all hope this great partnership can be picked up and continue in the future. Thanks again to all of you for the wonderful work you do, for your easy-going ways and for being so great to work with.”
    - Susan W.
  • “Dear Ladies, I am so pleased with Dorothy-would not know what to do without her. She is a great "lady", a great help to me. Thanking you, I am most sincerely, Betty”
    - Betty V.