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A New Approach to the Holidays

The holidays are all about family and friends, but when it’s not possible to gather together in person it’s time to get creative and look at things from a different perspective.

Get a New Attitude

Because many people can feel overwhelmed during the holidays, especially family caregivers who are trying to do a lot for themselves, family, friends, and someone who needs assistance, it can be a good thing when there aren’t gatherings to attend. There’s no guilt or worry about missing out on parties or holiday events when everyone is staying home.

This might instead be a chance to gift yourself with more downtime and rest instead of running extra errands, shopping, and visiting people.

Say It with a Card

There’s perhaps never been a better time to revive the art of sending a holiday card or letter to friends and family. Stamps and cards can be ordered online and safely mailed from home or dropped off at a mailbox or post office.

According to the American Greeting Card Association, of the 6.5 billion greeting cards purchased annually in the United States, 1.6 billion are Christmas cards. Surprisingly, the age group most likely to send a card is Millennials (the generation of people who are approximately ages 23 to 39, or those born between 1981 to 1996), the association says.

Certainly age doesn’t matter when someone gets a friendly greeting in their mailbox.

This might be an opportunity to let someone know how much you appreciate them or make tentative plans together in the future.

Try a Recipe Swap

Even if you can’t all gather around one table to share a meal, you could exchange recipes with friends and family, then schedule a call to discuss the individual experiences. You might learn something about the effort someone is putting into a dish they bring to your table each year, or find some ways to make it in your own style.

If there’s someone who can’t participate in making a meal, it could be fun to create a meal for them with a group of people and then one person delivers it to them. Ask them to write you a “review” of the meal and send it to you in a card that you can then read to others and either laugh or cringe.

For those not in the same city or town as a loved one who needs assistance, ask about their favorite restaurant and order their holiday meal for delivery.

Use Your Hands

Since you won’t be making the trip to see family, or clean the house for them to come over, consider using the time instead to make holiday decorations to send to them for their own home. If you have children at home, invite them to join you in creating paper garlands, a gratitude board, a personalized place mat, napkin rings, or something that has meaning to your loved one.

Even when you can’t be together, you can still be connected in heartfelt ways during the holiday season.

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