Signs That Your Loved One Might Need Assistance

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 Author: Sasha Kamarad

There are many parents and loved ones that need assistance these days, but when is it time to start looking. Here are a few signs that might bring attention to the issue:

  • Piles of laundry: Many elders have a hard time with this because it can be difficult with the amount weight and movement required to do so.
  • Piles of mail and unpaid bills: Seniors can become overwhelmed with the daunting task of just balancing a check book. Opening the mail can also be overwhelming and more complex of a task to overcome.
  • Personal Care: Showering and getting dressed can be a difficult task. Seniors have declines in energy and tasks become very tiresome.
  • Falling: When you start to receive calls that they have fallen or are making more visits to the Doctor due to injury.
  • Marks on the vehicle or unpaid tickets: You notice that there are unexplained marks on the car and happen to notice unpaid speeding tickets or parking tickets. They are not aware of or have forgotten the situation occurred.
  • Memory issues: You notice that it is becoming hard to recall events. You start to notice things misplaced in odd locations. Recalling where they are is becoming difficult. Getting lost is becoming more prevalent. Calls that forgot where the car was parked.

Observing or acknowledging some of these signs might be difficult to withstand. But now is the time you should have that conversation with your loved one. Your main goal is to keep them safe and well in their own home. Here are a few ways you can go about having this tough conversation.

  • Create a plan and Include them: Create a plan of action to keep them safe as soon as possible. Make sure you involve them in the plan and how they would like to participate. Remember they want to be independent and have as much control as possible.
  • Be compassionate and understanding: No one likes to hear they are declining and losing control. Be empathetic and show them you are there to help them stay as independent as possible.
  • Seek out Assistance: Reach out to your Area Agency on Aging, Senior Services, and your local Homewatch CareGivers office.

Making the decision to get assistance is difficult let alone finding the right company. Schedule a free in-home care evaluation with our Nurse here at Homewatch CareGivers of Boca Raton. We will make sure your loved one is safe and receives the upmost quality care possible.

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