Asking the Right Questions

Asking the Right Questions
  1. How can family members promote independence with activities of daily living, wherever possible?
  2. How can family members assist with muscle strengthening, walking exercises and range of motion exercises, according to treatment plan?
  3. What can family members do to promote the use of assistive devices and speech impairment treatment plans (eye patch, speech exercises, etc.), and how can family members assist?
  4. How can family members ensure healthy elimination, including: bowel and bladder control, avoiding constipation, and monitoring for signs and symptoms of bladder or kidney infection?
  5. How can family members prevent skin breakdown associated with immobility?
  6. How can family members provide emotional support, companionship and alternative coping mechanisms?

By answering these simple questions you will be on your way to greatly improving your loved one’s quality of life at home.
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