Addressing Isolation & Loneliness

  • Nationally Endorsed Care

    When you are searching for care for a loved one, it matters that other professional organizations have given a stamp of approval. Homewatch CareGivers is a Home Care Pulse® Endorsed National Provider.

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  • Table for One? Food Safety and Dining Solo

    Eating alone for every meal can have a negative impact on the health of an elder. Learn what happens when people are dining solo consistently and why so that you can be part of a solution.

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  • Spot the Hazards in the Kitchen

    It is possible to make a kitchen a safer place, especially for those who may have conditions that affect their mobility, dexterity, eyesight or smell. We list the most common kitchen hazards for seniors.

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  • The Magic of Quality Care

    In this video, G. Allen Power, MD, describes the impact of quality care on people's lives and abilities. This former geriatrician explains how abilities can deteriorate in a poor care environment.

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  • Caregiving Language – Use It to Uplift and Embrace

    Family caregiving and dementia care expert, Brenda Avadian, gives us a story of how language helped her cope with caring for her father after his Alzheimer's diagnosis.

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  • Caregiving Checklist for a New Year

    Try just one or all five of these tips to make changes to your caregiving style in the new year.

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