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The Hiring Process at Homewatch CareGivers of Edina

The Caregiver Way

HWCG Edina Hiring ProcessAt Homewatch CareGivers of Edina we believe in enriching the lives of our caregivers and clients in order to spread more caring in our community. It’s not just a job, clocking hours, but an opportunity for personal growth, joy, and shared kindness. If you are interested in joining our team, there are a few things you will need to know first. Take a few minutes to read about our hiring requirements and training for in home caregivers.

Steps to Becoming a Caregiver

Many of the rules that we follow are actually set by the state, but we also believe these are in the best interests of every caregiver and client too. Of course, there are some things that we look for in caregivers that aren’t mandated by any entity.

First, KINDNESS! We can teach anyone HOW to do the skills necessary to provide care to clients, but it’s nearly impossible to teach a person to provide the care in a kind and caring way. Kindness and compassion are innate.

Next, we go down our checklist of items that must be met before someone is invited to participate in orientation.

  • All of our caregivers must be Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs), and we ask for evidence of that certification.
  • Successfully pass the NETStudy background check for Minnesota only. This is repeated annually.
  • Successfully pass a secondary multi-state, multi-jurisdictional criminal background check.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles check as many caregivers provide transportation for our clients.
  • Professional reference checks.

Safety & Learning Matters

When a caregiver goes into the home of a client, both parties should feel secure, as well as engaged while getting their needs met. For this reason, we do both mentoring and training in our office.

In addition to reviewing the care plan with the RN, we want our most experienced caregivers to share their “boots on the ground” knowledge with incoming in home dementia caregivers who, while they too may be experienced caregivers, they are NOT experienced with our agency and our clients in particular. We are looking to share the nuances that make personal care personal and things that are unique and specific to the client they are caring for. We want each of our clients to feel that the care they receive is consistent no matter what caregiver provides their care.

During orientation, we train on the following:

  • Different chronic conditions, such as dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders so that we are certain our caregivers have a strong handle not only on personal care basics, but on managing the myriad of care needs that can be more challenging when you add a complex chronic condition.

  • We introduce our caregivers to the Eden Philosophy, which is the basis for our approach to care which focuses on combating the three plagues of the elderly: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. While it’s important for our caregivers to complete many personal care tasks to assist our Elder clients, we must never forget to lift them up spiritually while doing so. We want our caregivers to develop close and abiding relationships with our clients, getting to know them on a deep level which enriches the quality of their care.

  • We assign courses from our online platform, Homewatch CareGivers University, to train for specific clients and their unique circumstances such as living with Parkinson’s, ALS, anxiety or depression and more.

  • We have quarterly meetings which include trainings, updates and the opportunity for companionship with fellow caregivers and the office support team. And there’s always home food at our staff meetings—you never know what new recipe owner Deb Nelson will be making!

We’d love to get to know you! You can call us today with any questions or fill out an application on our jobs page.

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  • “Our caregiver Nicole is special – always willing to help”

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