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December- A Client Story - Meet Bobbie

This is Bobbie

Meet Bobbie. She is a widow with two daughters, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. She is actively involved with her family. Bobbie was a first-grade schoolteacher. She is now retired and lives with her cat in a senior living community. She is physically active, including swimming, chair yoga, balance class, and going on walks. Her caregiver, Ann, assists Bobbie with medication reminders, light housekeeping, and laundry. These are examples of the kinds of help agencies like Homewatch CareGivers (HWCG) provides older adults to keep them active and independent. Each client’s needs differ and so does the help HWCG provides. Most importantly, Ann provides companionship and transportation, takes Bobbie on shopping sprees and appointments.

Recently, HWCG sat down with Bobbie to ask her about the service she is receiving …

Why do you like Homewatch CareGivers (HWCG)?
“They have provided me with companionship. We have become best friends.”

How has HWCG been helpful to you?
“I have something to look forward to. I enjoy Ann’s visits. Since I do not drive anymore, she provides me with transportation. It is nice to go to the park for a walk or go out for lunch. She has also helped me get my apartment organized. I am writing a book about my grandfather who was a missionary doctor in Korea for over twenty years. Ann has helped me arrange all my manuscripts that were scattered when I moved.”

What is your favorite memory with your caregiver?
“One day we decided we would reorganize my pantry. We went to the store and bought shelving. We came home and organized all my items so that I can find them when I need them. But the best part was that we laughed and enjoyed our time together through the whole process.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?
“Ann has filled an empty space in my life. She is a good friend that I love to joke with. She fills my life with laughter.”

Homewatch CareGivers enjoys providing the care that Bobbie needs. Older adults, like Bobbie, can feel safe and remain healthy living in her independent living community for many years to come.

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