A note from our Owner, Stacey Thornberry

Thankful for our caregivers

Hello November! I love November because it is such a great reminder that change can be beautiful. November is special to us because we officially opened our doors last year November 9! It is also Home Care Appreciation Month!

Over the past year, we have been able to assist over 120 clients in the Northern Kentucky area. Currently, we are 40 employees strong; our success is largely because of our amazing caregivers and CNAs. All employees complete personality assessments. These assessments assist us in matching clients and caregivers as much as possible. I enjoy personally meeting with my employees and explaining expectations. Click here to meet our wonderful team!

We make every effort to provide distinguished benefits for our staff including frequent opportunities to earn bonuses and rewards for customer service and attendance. We allow them to wear scrubs and a Homewatch T-shirt for each of their shifts. We do our best to accommodate requests for PTO that is earned for every hour worked. We are proud to have a turnover rate that is less than 30% which is industry-leading. We have an excellent team to provide strong onboarding and mentoring. Typically, we conduct "meet and greets" with each family and caregiver before they start work so that each caregiver understands what their job is and where things are in the homes and get to know the families. It is an extra step that we take in providing personalized care.

In 2022, we are expanding our office space to include a training room. With this addition, we hope to continue to train new caregivers with hands-on training in skills such as rotating patients, bathing patients and learning how to lift properly with a gait belt.

This past month Megan Jones and I found ourselves covering several shifts. These instances always give us an opportunity to refamiliarize ourselves with not only our clients, but they also provide a reminder of the sometimes challenging situations that our caregivers find themselves in. Our caregivers do so much more than a job description could every fully outline. It is not just bathing a client or companionship; it’s also being a good listener, a smile-maker, providing resources for our clients who have physical challenges, dementia, weaknesses as well as needs specific to hospice clients. They may not even remember us, but they do remember how we make them feel. It is assisting them with as much independence as possible even if it requires us to assist in holding or transferring them.

Our staff also helps fellow family members as they transition to their loved ones’ declining needs and encourages family members to take care of themselves and rest. We fix meals, do light housekeeping and change linens. For more information on companion services click here.

Recently, I had to reference YouTube while I was covering a shift to learn very quickly how to prepare an egg the way my client requested. We have to think on the spot many days and be strong enough to make split second decisions. Some clients are combative and not only does our staff have to be mentally strong but also physically strong and be able to remain calm and reassuring at the same time. It is much more than "just a caregiver"; it’s often more like "miracle worker" or "hero".

Many times after completing a shift, I call the primary caregiver and reiterate how appreciative I am for their hard work. Many days I leave homes speechless and thankful that we were chosen to care for that client. This role is very under recognized for the many hats that have to be worn and the responsibilities that need to be executed.

This month, you will notice our staff in these long sleeve shirts as part of their uniform. Please take a minute to thank your caregiver. Our clients become like family to each of us.

I wish everyone a wonderful November filled with blessings!


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