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How We Are Keeping You Safe

Thorn getting the Covid Vaccine

As the co-owner of a home care agency, I work closely with seniors who trust me to continue to keep them safe. One way for me to do so was to take the COVID19 vaccine. So I made the choice to trust in science and prayers that this is the right thing to do and the most effective tool to help stop this pandemic. I also did it in memory of many friends that I have lost to this virus. As I continue to protect myself, by wearing a mask, staying 6 ft apart, avoiding crowds, washing my hands, I hope you do the same and continue to stay safe and be vigilant about it. We can do this together.

My efforts are also to ensure our caregivers are included in the early distribution of the vaccine as essential workers; and as of last week, many took advantage and got vaccinated, as we are essential workers, thru Homewatch CareGivers membership with Home Health Services Association of New Jersey.

Here I am capturing this moment in my history.

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