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Plano Serving Collin and Denton Counties

We don’t just want our clients to be happy, but also our caregivers. At Homewatch CareGivers of Plano, serving Collin and Denton Counties, we know that it is our caregivers making the difference one client at a time in our community.

Always Caring

Don’t just take our word for it—hear what our caregivers have to say about working here.

“Each client has left their own unique imprint in my life,” says Kenda S., who works as a caregiver at Homewatch CareGivers in Plano. “I was very honored to be a part of one particular client’s major milestone in particular. After working with her for a few years, I grew increasingly inspired by her consistently positive attitude and impressive stamina. Before I knew it, she was about to be 100 years old! I was so honored to host her party and meet others she had impacted by her life. Although I was there to help her, I think I was the one blessed most by the life lessons I learned from being in her presence.”

Like many others, Kenda got experience first as a family caregiver. “I began helping care for my own grandmother as her needs increased, and increased my involvement at her residence by volunteering and leading activities,” she says. “I learned firsthand how important a team approach is when caring for an individual as a whole - physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.”

As much as Kendra enjoys making her clients happy with a cheerful smile and good listening, she also likes it when she is recognized for her work. “It always means a lot to me when my employer thanks me for my services and a job well done,” she says.  “I get feedback from my clients’ families and messages commending my accomplishments.  Just knowing that my specific contributions are valued is highly encouraging and motivating.”