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After Surgery Care in Castro Valley

Many people don’t realize that they might need help at home after they’re discharged from surgery, but we at Homewatch CareGivers of Castro Valley are prepared to assist. Not only do we provide transport to and from surgery, our after care service also ensures a smooth healing process by helping you stay on top of medications, move safely around the home, and assure a comfortable recovery. Medically-skilled caregivers are trained to monitor vital signs and diet and provide regular updates to your authorized family members and attending physician. Often times, after care involves trips to the doctor’s office or pharmacy which is why our after care service includes transportation to allow flexibility to you or your family. During follow-up appointments, we can take notes and share the information on your or your loved one’s prognosis and continued medical treatment. Our professional and compassionate caregivers are trained to help you get you back on your feet. 

Most plastic surgeries require a minimum of two days of restricted movement and limiting lifting, making this a critical time to have extra support around the house. Adhering to the surgeon’s recovery plan is critical to the reduction of scarring related to a plastic surgery procedure. Many clients prefer to recover in complete privacy, making daily errands and outings all but impossible without the assistance of professional caregivers. We can respect your privacy after a cosmetic surgery procedure while helping you recuperate.
Laser eye surgery and other vision procedures can make it difficult to live independently for a few hours or even days. Homewatch CareGivers understands these setbacks and is here with transportation services, meal preparation, and other forms of assistance for those who are currently struggling to see well.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery can briefly limit independence and therefore it is advisable to plan for some support in the hours or days after a procedure. Caregivers can assist with planning and preparing modified diets and medication reminders to facilitate optimal healing. Caregiver training prepares our employees to provide protective oversight and assistance to the client's after surgery care needs.
After joint replacement surgery, regular care needs may be intense for several days, even weeks. In home caregivers can be there to fill in the gaps while you recover with flexible shifts and compassionate care. Keeping up with medications, encouraging completion of prescribed physical therapy regimes and keeping overall health strong through proper nutrition and hydration are primary aspects of the hospital discharge plan after a hip or knee replacement surgery.
Reliable home care services you can trust are not only valuable during your hospital discharge, but also during the 6-8 week recovery interval following invasive surgery, such as major heart surgery. Pain management will be a full-time focus, some assistance with bathing and dressing is typically required and driving is prohibited, as are running your own errands.