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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “We thank you for sending Susan to us! It's hard to believe she's been part of our family for two years. She's cheerful, fun and very attentive with our mother; reads to her, listens to music with her, watches mom's DVDs as well as much more. We love her very much.”
    - Carol, Joann and Norma
  • “I have been satisfied with the service from Homewatch and my decision in no way reflects unfavorably on Julia. We have been pleased with her care and service and would recommend her to others.”
    - Allan W.
  • “Hi Kathryn I want to let you know that having Tess here yesterday went very well. Both parents took to her easily and said they are impressed with her. She began vacuuming right away and commits herself to taking care of things. She, my mother and I fixed lunch together. Mom is very territorial of the kitchen but was perfectly comfortable having Tess’s help. I enjoyed seeing her enjoying Tess’s company. The day exceeded my expectations. I can’t imagine it having gone any better. She's a very special person and we all feel blessed to have her helping with much needed care. Please pass my sincerest thanks to Tess. I enjoyed getting to know her a bit and look forward to spending time with her in the future. Thank you so much for choosing her for us. Have a great day! Diane”
    - Diane
  • “Dear Katherine, I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to write about your amazing caregiver Yinka. Before I sing her praises though I must first thank both you and Anzor for your swift action with the caregiving situation that was presented. I have always been on the other side — the business side when I worked with HWCG… the receiving end of the call and I know how it works—- when that intake call comes in, I know and appreciate all that it takes to arrange for an assessment, pick the perfect caregiver and coordinate schedules. This was the first time I have been part of the process from beginning to end. It all started when I texted Anzor to see if he would recommend the agency in MD and he said yes and immediately texted me your number Katherine. If you recall this was well after 9pm that night. In the background I was playing interference between your answering service and the caregiver trying to educate him about what to expect with private duty caregivers and what a delicate balance it is to find the best match caregiver that can work within a facility without getting ruffled by the typical attitudes toward sitters etc. You, Katerine called me back after 10pm and even took it the next step and spoke with that caregiver later that evening and had a nurse out first thing in the morning for the assessment. I cannot begin to tell you how much peace of mind that brought the family caregiver before he had to return home to work in Raleigh. I had the opportunity to travel to MD over the last few days and personally meet Yinka. A finer caregiver could not have been chosen Katherine. She is an absolute gem. Her heart and passion for her work just flows from her body. The care and concern that she shows her client is second to none. Anzor can attest that I would be the first to tell you if I thought something was not going well with the caregiver! ;-) Not only was she completely attentive to the client, she also noticed errors that the facility was making in diet and was even was willing to learn some new techniques for engagement from me as well. On top of all of this and I know this is a double edged sword —- her heart is so big that when she saw another resident in need at the facility she would go to them and calm them and be sure that they were safe until a facility staff person came to help. She is phenomenal. I want you to know how truly wonderful she is and the peace of mind that she is providing the family is absolutely invaluable. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you so very much. Warmly, Nicole B. Executive Director| Co-Founder Guiding Lights Caregiver Support Center”
    - Nicole B.