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Home for the Holidays? This is a​ Good Time to Assess Your Parents’ Well-Being

While adult children are home for the holidays, it is a good time to assess the well-being of their elderly parents. How have things changed since you last saw them? Are they eating right? Is the house clean, and free of trip hazards? Should your parents still be driving?

For adult children who live away from home, a holiday visit may be eye-opening. If there are other siblings in-town, perhaps the gathered family members should have a serious discussion about whether your parents need outside assistance to live safely andwith dignity at home.

In many cases, one family member who lives nearby is assuming most of the responsibility to check in on mom and dad. How is that sibling managing often-stressfulparental care while juggling home, family and work responsibilities?

In the 15 years that Homewatch CareGivers has been providing in-home elder care,we often see a spike of calls to our office after holiday visits. Sometimes, family members are in denial about the ability of their aging parents until they see for themselves.

When adult children first broach the subject of their parents receiving personal assistance, the parents are usually in denial about needing extra help.

How do you overcome the feelings of denial held by your parents or other family members?

We suggest you use facts, not emotion. Has mom or dad had a fall recently? Are they forgetting to take their medicines? Can your parents safely cook for themselves and keep the house clean? Have your parents had recent “fender benders” or got lost driving their car?

At Homewatch CareGivers,we can help you with these difficult conversations. We can also explain to your familyabout how the care provided by one of our personal assistants can give you and your entire family “peace of mind”and stress reduction.

And remember, you are far from being alone. Adult children and other family members can find additional information & counseling from the Homewatch CareGiversprofessionals, as well as magazine articles like the one from Kiplingers (see link below).

Contact our Homewatch CareGivers office 24/7if you havequestions or ifwe canbring assistance to your family. Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!

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