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A couple live in their home of 69 years, thanks to Homewatch CareGivers

Herb and Glenna have only lived in one house during their 69 years of marriage, and thanks to our Homewatch CareGivers team providing care around the clock, they are able to keep it that way.

When Glenna fell and broke her hip two years ago, daughter, Betsy, said, “We did not want Dad home alone without his best friend,” while Glenna recovered in the hospital and a lengthy rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed.

“Homewatch CareGivers helped us so much when Mom got home, that she has made a 100 percent recovery,” Betsy said.

Now the Homewatch team gives Betsy and her six siblings “peace of mind.”

We feel mom and dad are always safe, that somebody is always there if they need anything,” Betsy said. “The best thing is that mom and dad are happy and healthy.”

For Herb, being able to live in their own home, “means everything. It is so much better here, we get to do things as we have been doing them all our lives.”

Herb and Glenna raised seven children, and say having Homewatch Caregivers staff enables them to host family gatherings with their 16 grandchildren.

Beyond cooking, cleaning and companionship, the caregivers are there to greet contractors or maintenance professionals, and even cook barbecue meals on the grill.

Betsy said that the caregivers take her parents for walks, make sure they do their exercises, and accompany them to local jazz concerts, trips to ArtPrize, and to family Fourth of July picnics.

“They treat the house with so much respect, we have learned lots of things from them because they are so well trained, so we know how to avoid all the little problems,” Betsy said.

One night when a raccoon crawled down the chimney and got into the house, the caregiver was able to corner the critter in the bathroom, and call the police. Another Homewatch personal assistant fixed an overflowing toilet in the middle of the night, “and taught us what to do to prevent it from happening again,” Betsy said.

Glenna kept the house in immaculate order for years, and now Betsy said, “She raves about what a great job the Homewatch CareGivers staff does with the house. Your kitchen is just the way you always kept it too.”

What do Herb and Glenna think about Homewatch CareGivers?

Glenna: “We love living here like we always have, now with help.”

Herb: “We don’t have any worries.”

Betsy said she and her siblings appreciate that the Homewatch CareGivers staff members are reliable people who show up on time. “They are so good and caring, so professional, and they feel like part of the family.”

Call Homewatch CareGivers at 616-975-1980 to “let our family care for yours.”

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